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About Us

WBDaily.com is a Texas-based website dedicated to breaking news and opinion journalism. 

WB may stand for “World Beat” or for “Woolley” and “Barrack” the surnames of our founders, Lynn Woolley and Ben Barrack.  The third principal in WBDaily is Greg Hansen who is our IT specialist and graphic designer.  (See TractorCreative.com.) 

Our sister site is a podcast called Planet Logic which features material from WBDaily.

Based inside the I-35 corridor that includes Austin-Temple-Waco, we offer a special concentration on stories regarding Texas.

WBDaily stands by traditional approaches to journalism including providing documentation in the form of hotlinks, and photos and videos to illustrate points.  Opinions expressed in columns are those of the writer.

Care is taken to respect ownership of intellectual property. 

To submit articles or columns to WBDaily, email info@WBDaily.com

WBDaily may also be accessed at WorldBeatDaily.com.